Un-Cold Read VVitch (Lilith III).

Seven Lives Of A Black Cat

The last one to be un-Cold Read was Lilith (I), whom I named him a feminine name, despite him being a male.

Because he was just black in color he ended up being tortured and killed by a family of christian extremist. A curse was placed on them, within four to six months, the husband over abused and was killed by alcohol— the only thing he loved.

The killer wife who killed lilith (I) kicked out of their residencial house, straight to the streets where he thought the cats belonged to.

Now I see some dark balls growing, blackness and pure evil within Lilith(III).

Dominance and control setting in, Lilith(I) is here again. Lilith(I) is here again in the form of Lilith(III), whom I also beleaved he was a female until some few days ago to when I am writting this, is when I noticed.

It’s One month to the birthday of Lilith (I), which is may (I) 2015.

Your ofkins shall rule the earth, even if the sun sets, he will never set down. Forever being the void that holds us together.

Hail Lilith (I)

Hail Lilith (III)

Hail Satan.

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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