Born Alone In A Dying World.

Qwufua Environment picture.

The redness on the sky,

The dust blown by the wind,

So strong yet ironically gentle on my skin,

Not my eyes.

It shuts them close like in a dream,

I fall deep into it’s slumber,

Never to wake up again,

Wishing to be unborn,

But this cannot happen!

Why me?

From the East— corrosive fumes fill the air.

To the North— burning sulphur and mind blowing radioactivity.

On the West— all lands slided.

Into the waters of deep South,

Which never flows,

Only to remain an illusion of water,

like a mirrage,

Never to get close to it,

As it is getting further.

As I die together with a once born world,

A world born and dies alone.

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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