Total Environment: Mountain Lodge,Wood Curvings,Wood Rooms,Voodoo as Art.

Serena Picture

I don’t like visiting places,traveling is most of the time out of my “to do list”,I only do travel when it’s necessary. Today this journey is not ment for me alone,we will do it together. Experiencing nature as art,some people appreciate art,while others don’t. Me? Lets see.

Here we enter into a well known 5 star lodge managed by serena hotels. I traveled so that I can plant trees. But excuse me! I need to eat first while experiencing my surrounding to the maximum. Isn’t that important? From where I am seated,I can clearly see outside the building,the environment is well kept and green. Here nature seem to be dominating. As I choose what kind of food I prefer from the buffet,and back to my seating position— where I see outside clearly. From the rooms,you can have a clear view of the forest,the mountain and wild animals. I can see Zebras,Gazelles,Warthogs,Monkeys,Hippos and leopards. Serena mountain view is the place. I am not some kind of tour advertiser but I realy appreciate what I see worth being appreciated,at this moment it’s colder and I like it thatway.

From “Ndakaini dam” now to mountain lodge Nyeri,with the same mission of tree planting,I do it voluntarily. Trees to me are breath taking and I have this fuzzy feeling that when I see them,I feel at home. Not forgeting that I realy like mountain climbing. Due to the hotel having all these sights I highly admire,it sounds logical for me to rate it even higher.

Look there! What is that? I have a wierd environment surrounding at home,even though it’s around 80% artificial that’s how I like it. One thing is similar,even here art in curvings from woods,masks,necklaces and many African arts are acknowledged. Art seem to be a great deal in this organisation. I remember seing a grand piano in play,in the well known Serena Hotel and Restaurant in Nairobi. Realy amazing. Everything I see here is a Masterpiece.Quality and high artistic level is maintained.

The curving with a pot on it’s head is my best. I think it’s a female. I can’t explain every beauty I see here,unless you see for yourself.

The feeling surrounding and the color compilation fusing with nature and the arts is mesmerizing. Here I experience a different kind of environment from that one at home. Yet similarly it’s breath taking,ritualistic and therapeutic to me and all who accompanied me.

Before I get to what made me visit here,I am experiencing art,therapy,entertainment,etc. This being few of many things Voodoo stand for.



Managed by serena hotels

Images credit: Qwufua Environment Library.

Writer : Qwufua Broomstick.

Note: Do not use any content without permission from the writer.

published 4th Nov 2018.

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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