I can’t remember how it came this far, I can’t even blame it on Lucifer,
when i found myself holding a piece, a piece, of his body,
barely held on by it’s skin,
How can you put yourself to this dark point of no return?
Didn’t you read the terms?
Nobody will try to help you, here is my play, your Hell.
You didn’t even take a full tilt to the creepy tip, now you must heed?
Bleeding your sweat and sweating your blood, I am your crowned judge,
What happened to your ears? Now you can’t see also? You will never be free,
Around here I don’t bring chains, slavery is unchained,
From who has many names, I took my name, now I play his games,
Pupils in my eyes are growing more and more smaller,
Anything can be taller,
As the Darkness take over, it unconceals your cover, your blander.

I can’t remember how it come you knew Goat head is a symbol of my God.
You are incapacitated! Through your eyes, I see your fear, it’s underrated,
It’s astonishing to me how strong you perceived to be, but you weak,
Just like the others, your brothers, you will suffer as I climax to laughter,
You can’t find me thereafter, because your body they can’t even gather,
Listen to every letter that comes out of my mouth, I am proud.
Many people may not understand what I stand for, but what for?
Nobody needs to know more about your splitted body pieces,
For you deserve the wrath that I calculated like Math. with mother Earth.
Like Cimeries in Africa, horses is not all that i got, my deepest thought,
For you shall crawl down into distraction, burned into dust, into chalk.

I can’t remember how it came to this talk, perhaps it’s because I did the walk,
No jock, more rocks, I will pile to your graveyard to block,
There is no eternity, leave alone your internal, no soul, only your mourns,
But why did you give me more enough reason for your imprison?
I have my dark side which I don’t like to see or unleash even a pinch,
Aftermath situations are unrecoverable, unrearrange-able, not able.
Now who is to blame? am i the blame? is it you? is it me?
Now your left eye is filled with tears flowing rear,
Your half split neck can’t hold the head anymore,
Are you dead? can’t you wake up?

Writer: Qwufua Broomstick.
Nb. Do not copy information from here.

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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