I do attain pleasure through many things. One of them is not hurting and harming children and anyone not involved in undeservingly unsettling my well being. Everyone is responsible for their actions.

I call this essay ‘Art Sadism’ because each and every person have different perception on how they view the world— different people can interprate same stimulus differently and have different experience at the same time. Therefore, like art, it got laws but two master pieces can never look identical nomatter what. Keep this in mind!

According to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary of current English Eighth edition “Sad-ist /’seidist/ noun a person who gets pleasure especially sexual pleasure, from hurting other people.”

I cannot deny the sexual pleasure sector, but the pleasure I get is not “especially sexual.” So I take the dictionary as a book which provides me with examples.

Hurting to me does not necessarily imply only physical damage to an organism but also psychological aspect is to be considered— to disturb it psychologically.

Physical pain which if a masochist beg for, if they are worth it, i’ll like to give to them with delight. Punishment may not be appropriate psychologically to help one change and learn new behaviour, but here I dish it out for gratification or entertainment. They can keep their psychological disturbances in place for the next sadist on the block.

I do not care if they change their behavior or not. I just want to see the helplessness grow bigger and wider inside their eyes; that does not mean I stop hurting them. My aim is not to kill them but as environment changes I can not be sure.

There is also a new approach. The psychological approach. Here much less of physical harm is induced directly by me. I take their happiness away through proxy.

Human beings are mostly hedonistic in nature. If they choose to experience pain, I will not allow them to stop. I.e Watch an individual taking itself or going through pain and torture, while just watching and not getting involved. Sometime I don’t give the masochist the gift of attention, till distraction, thus satisfying me at the end point.

My sadistic acts are not criminal minded or drug induced. Emotions sturrs up my sadistic side, having in mind rational thoughts since we exist in much a realistic world than a fictional one.

I do not go out disturbing and destroying other people and their property aimlessly. I abide by natures laws, understand it, and try to immitate it at the same time, where necessary.

This does not advocate for mercy to those who does not deserve it.

Whichever way that I choose to use, so long as it gives me satisfaction and be able to maximize the impact and reduce my actions at the same time, seem to be the best weapons I, a sadist, can employ.

Let the individual start their own distraction, dig their own graves, I will be the one to put the tombstone and dense cementing.

NB. As I celebrate this Walpurgisnacht night.


Sometime I wonder; Humans tend to believe little truth in the vast truth that I provide them with, instead they believe in much of lies that they form when they perceive my image and actions. And I am glad for that.— Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer: Qwufua Broomstick.

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Published 30th April 2019

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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