Dancing Voodoo Night.



The above Painting done by Craig Jamin


Just as there are many practitioners who practice Voodoo, each differently, there are others who don’t. People tend to be attracted by different things, which makes me realize and recognize the fact that, no one can hold an event that will attract completely everyone, no matter the quality, skills and the dedication placed on the subject.

That’s alright with me, since I am exactly the same kind of person. In every aspect of my life, I am highly selective to whatever or whomever surrounds me. I surround myself with what I like and what I want to see imposed by me on me. This gets my day running smoothly.

But now the night is here and the people of the night have awaken. When the night comes even the children of “light” want to play in the “darkness”. I am Ok with that, just what I don’t respect is you trying your best to convert me into your dillute ways. Some of them proclaim that I cannot practice Voodoo as culture without following all the rules they have put in place, some from their ancestoral generations. Some even have the guts to email me, just to tell me that what am practicing is playing with danger.

They proclaim to be of the night but walk in the ways of light. I noticed their Voodoo was interconnected with the christian philosophy and even, they wanted to initiate me, in order to make me “succesful” in the Voodoo hierarchy. I knew the indoctrinations was not for me.

Voodoo consists of drumming, dancing, possession by lwa—(unlucky for me, I posses, not the vice-versa) Psychological facial gesture, postures, Moon dancing, Snake dancing, using herbs, powders, Voodoo dolls, color, candles, sacrifices, not forgeting initiation.

Voodoo at the same time consists non of this, to me, I can reject any of the above, if I don’t need it and keep the psychologically based ones while flashing down the toilet—the catholic philosophy traits. If I want, knowledge drives my artistic ability and always will remain supreme.

Voodoo may exist in many forms from Art, folklore, Folk psychiatry, superstitions etc. Unless you are a hardcore believer maybe it will be harder to interprate this forms accordingly. Just don’t associate what I am practicing with what your fellow christians practice. I dont use blood, like their holy books advices, I follow my ways,myself,let not your eyes fall into a deep sleep, slipping away from reality.

As the night continues I bother no one, let alone the christian hypocrates, I focus on my long term commitments, as I explore this wild world. Once in your span of life, you can be your own best creation or your own worst nightmare. For me my night is dancing, dancing with darkness.

Note: Do not use any content without permission.

The above Image is from Qwufua Environment Library

Writter : Qwufua Broomstick.

Published 24th Nov 2018.

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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