Night Play Techniques (Gestalt Approach).

Everyone must find a way in life that they can handle and accept their personal responsibility in order to show maturity and growth. The wholeness and how we exist in an environment field and how we perceive reality is the main purpose of Gestalt Approach.

The more we socialize and interact with the next person, the more we know what we are thinking or even express the mood/emotions we are in presently.

To me the ‘next person’ most likely tend to be my artificial companions. By artificial companion I mean the companions whom I create, from Voodoo equipments or it may be a picture of my dead black cat named Lilith(I) [may 1st 2015- June 5th 2017] or other artifacts that I personally collect. They posses emotions feelings that can arouse different perception to whomever looks at them. I use them as tools, more of a symbol which keeps me on toes, knowing how I am feeling, they also help me be more sensitive and aware of what is surrounding me.

Not everyone is fully aware of what is going on around them, sometimes others even don’t know what they are physically or mentally doing. This shows how aware or not aware an individual can be, thus affecting this technique.

With the artificial companions around me, I dont’t escape/ avoid reality harshness, instead I deal with them before they start to pile up and start to turn to anxiety, depressions, which are psychological disturbances which are hard to get out of.

They work on my phenomenological point of view. They—the artificial companions, understand my point of view and causing much more complex intergration between us.

As everyone knows Gestalt Approach deals with what is happening presently, when the emotions are still fresh, when the pain is still present and what you are thinking in your mind at the same time.

The unfinished business/ resentment that holds me down, is acted out without fear of difference in phenomenological point of view, freeing me up from stuck situations and cooling my rage.

Due to the freshness of the situations, no aspect is fogotten, thus making my NightPlay techniques meaningful.

I rather live in an emvironment and world with less painful emotions, no distress and lots of indulgence than live in an environment that is uncomfortable for me and my loved ones. I feel the necessity to change whenever necessary as long as it grants me more satisfaction and dominance.

Remember the concept in Gestalt therapy that health and disturbances are not Mental but organismic, and a persons mind is not healthy or disturbed the whole person is healthy or disturbed.

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Writter— Qwufua Broomstick.

Published 24th June 2019

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