Turning my Back On “VOODOO WHITE WITCHES”.

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I enter the python Temple and make bad wishes to the white witches. Voodoo does not only deal with performing good deeds. I deliver myself by instilling wrath to my enemies in whichever means possible and protect my loved ones and those I cherish with whole of my well being.

Like the coldness of the python around your neck, warmness is sucked out of your skeletons. Unlike the king of Ouidah, I will not run away from my threateners into the forests to be protected by the pythons. I reside among the pythons, I reside among the horned beasts from the seas and serpents.

My health as an animal, shall be dictated by the rules of nature. The dead animals whom souls have departed can only be used as a symbol, a symbol of the end of the days. The theistic believers who use dead animals for medicine or even those who take a small quantity of penis of horse juice and put it in liquor have their own agendas, agendas which only the white witches can make use of.

In voodoo when you resist the spirits you must pay, spirits are synonymous to the power of the mind. Voodoo works for both good and evil. When you resist the evil spirit by swiping it under the carpet and praise the good spirits then you will not be able to attain balance factor in whichever rituals you are performing.

Despite of Voodoo being demonized it has taken a stand on itself, differentiating itself from the Hollywood version of voodoo despite most people not noticing it.

Those who disregard the darkness aspect of voodoo and how natural it is, will be doomed to unprogressive-ness thinking and stagnation. Most of the times them being clean and holier than others who practice voodoo in its diabolical nature.

Distraction will still be stronger than a magnitude 7.0 earthquake while the white witches family and friends being destroyed, yet they can’t do anything ‘Godly’ within their “white powers”.As mother nature do not care it will destroy the white witches, the black witches and all others who are in between, but only the black witches will be able to die and release themselves from their covers which are their bodies, knowing that their time in this world is over, they alone will be prepared for the destruction and doom that awaits.

Raising the sword to the sky’s as a symbol of aggression and dominance, cursing out the weak, cursing out the white witches, calling out Baron Semedi, calling out Satan,consume all who pretend not to have seen your darkness shine, in the midst of light.

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I turn my back on voodoo white witches. I turn my back on sewing christian dogma into voodooism. I turn my back on the children of the light. May darkness be responsible for their grief and trauma, mournings be their dish each morning.

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Published 8th March 2020

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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