My Misdirection Game.

I will try my best to present food in a silver platter for you to understand, as I dectate the rules of this game.

What I mean is—I will get straight to the point, on our topic today “My Misdirection Game”

I noticed how they look at me, I noticed how they are quiet when am around and discuss me when I leave. I noticed how they stare at me thinking that I can’t see them. From Women, Men to Children—they comprise of the society.

They try their best to assimilate and accommodate my image, just like children, everyone learns by perceiving thus replace what is infront of them with illusions.

Others just come forward and fall directly into my Misdirection Game, it’s part of me as it is part of my art, expressing my familiar side.

The illusions people see sometimes keeps them fearfully away. Which is a good thing for me, and for them particularly who may try to disrespect me. What you see is what you get.

But My Misdirections does not misdirect me. I know who I am. I make sure I don’t fall in the traps of my own Misdirection, Falling on my traps can be distractive, painful, and even cause death which may be unreverse able.

I hold my actions responsible for my well being in this world.

Those who look closely may be able to see the other side of my being, which is the direction most likely everyone would have realised when identifying me—thats if I didn’t have the Misdirection thing going on. I realy enjoy this tide, since most likely everyone around me, felt the need to propel it to a new hight. By association, now they are still perceiving.

As my knowledge continues to crystalize and my craft manifesting, espect more of Misdirection Games.

Whomever will decide to follow the game will envy and most likely fear my world in one way or another.

While those who know me better will enjoy and respect my world. This makes my life much more easier to control.

Thank you for those who participate in my Misdirection.

Respect to those who understand and see my Misdirection as it is. Since your perception will decide which role you play in this game.

So Dear Reader, if you decide to play My Misdirection games, you Welcomed, enjoy! and dont worry, I will not change the rules at the middle of the game, so as to favour you.


The above Image is from Qwufua Environment Library.

Published- 4th Dec 2018


Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

2 thoughts on “My Misdirection Game.

    1. Welcome, Ishaq
      If you want to buy/ sell any “occultic” relics and Voodoo doll get back to us on our email Meanwhile you can enjoy reading the diabolical poems, Essays and Diatribes posted on this website.


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