A Moment in Batoz Music Ent (BME) Studios.

It has been a long time since Xyper Dowld got back to the studio, to record a project that he has been working on. Time has always been flowing away, I often take it as a tool to my advantage. This time, situations are to be handled with absolute professionality and perfection. Whatever he has been learning shall be put to test. On this occasion, he must rise.

My working ethics have never shown depreciation, but I have always been willing to change the tactics that I use to approach life situations, if only it could lead me to where I gleefully want to be—a better place on the side of success. I am the personal composer of the artist stage named Xyper Dowld who switched the conotations of his name from previously Zyper Dowld.

I remember when he was on his journey to his first recording music studio. The professionality of the studio was not to the expected one, as obviously at the start nothing is perfect, since more needs to be done, but the situation did not discourage him to keep going on with his music life. Nothing was easy, nothing came in a silver plate.

Mediocrity among majority of people Xyper Dowld knew grew even bolder, causing him to switch studios and work places. In that process alot of recorded projects got lost due to irresponsibility of the producers.

Forget that though. Look, I am in a new working place unlike where I previously worked. People here have professionality at their finger tips. The focus they bring to the projects which I have been composing lyrics is marvelous. Working have never been fun like this before.

Here is where Xyper Dowld have recorded an EP (Extended Play), which will be released sooner than later. As a writer, I understand music is a universal language but this EP lyrics is based on the swahili language and the daily growing language in the streets of Nairobi dubbed sheng language.

The EP name is ‘KINYUME YAO’ which will be released on YouTube. Kinyume yao is a swahili vocabulary translated to ‘OPPOSITE THEM’ in english language.

I don’t want to talk much about it, since it will be out soon, but if your ears like HardCore HIPHOP kind of style, you can check it out. Do your ears like complexion of lyrics? wordplay? alliteration? whole line rhyming? tripple rhyming? Then don’t be left behind.

Alot of thanks to Sir IMans a (producer, singer, songwriter), for producing music tracks which have been keeping me on toe all this time and took the wonderful images you see above and below.

Alot of thanks to Robatoz Tha Badman, a producer at Batoz Music Entertainment, (BME) for his professional guidance through the forth coming EP.

Alot of thanks to those few PurplesFE members who were commited and took their precious time to contribute to my time. I cherish them.

All who were involved indirectly and I did not mention, thank you too.



WRITER: Qwufua Broomstick.

Published 14th May 2019

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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