I do not speak for The Church of Satan in anyway despite having read the literature and abiding to the philosophy.

Visit THE CHURCH OF SATAN if you have any questions about satanism. Read FAQS carefully before asking any questions when you on that site.

“In the present day, Satanists are envisioned as a shadowy illumination like organization with tentacles in child pornography, drug dealing ‘snuff film’ study can help us understand both of these traditions as well as the fears and prejudices of our culture” (Filan, 2000) – Satanism and the Afro Caribbean Traditions.

As everybody knows by now, Voodoo as a culture and a way of life would not end, despite the harsh conditions and environment surrounded by it.

During the Atlantic slave trade, many Africans were transported to their “new land”. As this people were enslaved they never forsaken their African background culture.

Before even slavery, Africans were still practicing their culture in their own ways, how it was trickled down from their forefathers and the ancient ones, that came way before them.

Through songs, stories and folklore, mythologies were created, in which could help members of the society cope with the harsh reality that they were going through and sometimes used to boost their selves in order to get rid of fear and second mindedness when conducting highly dangerous and daring activities.

At this point worshipping is not significant, as it has never been, celebrations were done to sustain what they had, or on the other hand rituals performed to protect themselves by preparing themselves psychologically.

“Voodoo has been harled as quite possibly the oldest religion known to human kind, originating some 7000 years ago” (Alvarado, 2009)

As many people were brainwashed by the Christian religion, which brought with itself rules and regulations to which they thought should be followed, if not they result to extreme ends to ideas, which is a typical move made by the two religions originating from the Middle East.

Since 7000 years ago Voodoo have been evolving by its practitioners, adapting different aspects of other cultures which they were individually exposed to, since Voodoo is a way of life of people from African Cultural background, but they maintain different interests. This made it possible for everyone to move on their own direction within this culture.

Those insisting on others to follow the way they are conducting or practicing this culture, seems to be borrowing a handful of traditions from the culture which Voodoo despises; Christianity.

Christianity disassociate itself wholly with this culture’s background. They tried to erase it from the face of the earth, in every way possible, still to date, why don’t we disassociate with them? Why don’t we fully erase them? By reinterpreting their symbols and making them ours, as it has always been.

“In 1804 after Haiti declared its independence, the Catholic church left the island and wouldn’t return for 56 years. In the interim Voodoo’s influence and visibility became stronger and even when the church returned in the 1860s they continued a war against the religion, though this was in vain” (Dominican Republic articles) Read Here

I do not believe in Voodoo, I practice it. As I create my own gods and devils, angels and demons, whom shall serve my will, by the influence of the learned mythological stories, songs and folklore.

“But Voodoo is more than a belief system. It is a complete way of life, including culture, philosophy, language, art, dance, music, and medicine” (Fihlani ,2017) Read Here

There is no unknown spirits trying to get into my willing or unwilling human vessel. Just my will is acted out, be it extremely violent or calmly, some may call that action ‘Possession by Loa’ but since spirit world is an illusion, may it not elude you from reality completely, Instead trace it out in pieces of arts.

As evil as they describe Voodoo, evil it is, we only separate ourselves(myself) from their description of the word evil.

I’d rather be in a Voodoo Temple where everyone dispute their sexual explorations be it gay, lesbian, bisexual or even the Transgender can be recognized and judged unbiasedly, than be spared milk and honey, including virgins? There in heaven? I should die here.


  • Philosophy of The Church of Satan: Read Here.
  • SATANISM AND THE AFRO CARIBBEAN TRADITIONS by Kenaz Filan Learn more ,Originally published in The Black Flame #15 in 2000 c.e.
  • Book: Voodoo Dolls by Denise Alvarado Get Book Here
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  • Articles: Has Voodoo Been Misjudged? By Pumza Fihlani BBC ARTICLES

published 25th Dec 2019.

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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