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In a remote village by the ocean in rural Kenya, a community of elderly misfits cast out from societies all around the East African country seek refuge or at least are trying to seek refuge. An obvious intolerance to their religious freedoms, as cited in the Kenyan constitution.

Article 32(2) of the Kenyan Constitution mentions that, 

~ “Every person has the right, either individually or in community with others, in public or in private, to manifest any religion or belief through worship, practice, teaching or observance, including observance of a day of worship.”  

THE rescue center where the elderly suspects are held is in a forest at Bamba in Kilifi county. According to the Mijikenda tribe who inhabit the area, Kaya (plural makaya or kayas) is a sacred forest of the Mijikenda people in the former Coast Province of Kenya. The kaya forest is considered to be an intrinsic source of ritual power and the origin of cultural identity;[1][2] it is also a place of prayer for members of a particular ethnic group.[3] The settlement, ritual center, and fortified enclosure associated with the forest are also part of the kaya. In the present day, the kaya is also referred to as a traditional organizational unit of the Mijikenda.[4] Eleven of the approximately 30 separate kaya have been grouped together and inscribed as the Sacred Mijikenda Kaya Forests, a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

For ten years now, the shelter has been a safe sanctuary for those accused of witchcraft by the society they live amongst and sometimes accusations come from their own kin! This murderous madness of theism seems to be the norm amongst monotheistic religions (which are growing their roots in the region), with shreds of evidence from the more recent jihad-influenced bombings to the old-day inquisition. I have learned over the few years I have been researching on the religious freedoms matter that Africans have not at all been trying to preserve their own cultures and religious practices. Voodoo, in particular, is shunned in Africa even after it has become clear that the slave master had his own god’s gold goals, that he subsequently forced earlier generations of Africans to become subservient. Good historical evidence is when the Mijikenda Giriama, who was adept at both ivory trading and poisoning arrowheads, successfully resisted both taxation and labor demands. When a Public Works team, to fully impose British authority, dynamited the Kaya Fungo in August 1914 a Giriama prophetess and her son-in-law incited Giriama warriors to resist. Now, the old and vulnerable free thinkers held up at the shrine in MRIMA WA NDEGE are victims of this blind subservience. Honor killings in the name of purity performed by the worst sinners against the best sinners are anathema.

Amidst all the chaos, a great number of Africans are now beginning to embrace their original roots. The shrine at MRIMA WA NDEGE (Kaya Godoma) is great proof of the changes taking place. Change will have to come, for as times change and societies and beliefs crumble, nothing is sure. Difference is now appreciated and similarity is associated fake or boring.

However, the shrine is only a facade that envelops the true facts on the ground. Religious intolerance is still highly practiced in the area and the East African region as a whole. The elderly at the rescue is strong-armed to denounce witchcraft and turn their backs on witchcraft to be purged. Quite a setback for the whole of humanity. Puritanism still wants to slaughter humanity for their dumb gods. Luckily, with the protection of the Kenyan law, everyone is allowed to uphold any beliefs to any gods as long as crime is not involved.

This research article is based on the true stories of an African underground society..

by Qwufua Environment Contributor Real Devil Ron (Revenant Black)

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