The Second Coming Of Sakpata. ( Alápa-dúpé )

Sakpata Voodoo Doll

When handling my artificial companions, I like also presenting them for your eyes satisfaction.  The featured image, is an image of one of my creations that intrigues believers.

Since long time ago Voodoo has been growing under a harsh condition due to the hostile environment around it. I can not get harsh to the different forms it has taken.

Acculturation to me was a form of adaptation that made it possible for Voodoo to survive. Some even faced the crosses of christianism or placed it inside their ritual chambers among where their Voodoo belong.

In order to confuse and misdirect, I would do almost the same thing, if I was back in the old world. But now it is a new world, new generation, though I see many people getting educated, few of them are actually learning. Unlike the many I get back to the point where I don`t need the dilute christian layout of things anymore.

So I question myself every now and then, what if Voodoo as culture was not demonized by the slave owners who majority were among the high rankers` of the christian religion, what if there was no slavery in the first place? then I thought, Voodoo would most likely not be diluted with the christian ministers with full of propaganda and thus the first coming of Voodoo would remain diabolical as it was in the first place.

But do not worry, there is always a second coming, what do you expect? For me, I do not expect anybody to come like a thief and redeem me.

I expect a complete turn over of this Culture, from what was set by the slave owners as the moral code, to animal like existence. Of course not in anyone’s life, but mine. Slave owners considered this Culture as degrading and  not progressive, in order to promote and convert majority of people from where this kind of practices were conducted, it seems like a tactical move for the christian church.

The time to come back is now. Undiluted culture was entrusted unto thee. I cut off like scissors their ways that they are forcing unto me, Breaking the chains of mind slavery that still exists to date.

My aura will be fearful and terrifying to them whom see me practicing pure diabolism, unlike their’s which is dillute.

Into their heart I will plunge leprosy and incurable sores that will continously grow and rot like the dead, out of the morgue, to whomever that steps into my way.




Published 19th March 2019.

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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