Stolen Pagan Holiday? (Feast of Horus), XXV Dec.

The Black Temple

From Jesus and many other miracle babies of the ancient, are said to be conceived from a virgin. We can see even some “star- business”, leading them—wise men, to whatever location. The Heaven opened, angels came down from the sky—he is the chosen one, now leaving among us. Now he needs to purify the world with his blood. We should rejoice and praise, I wonder! How dirty can the world get?

First it is great to hear this kind of stories, but they are telling it now, everywhere and to everyone, what happened to the old days? When decorations were done according to personal preferences, others dancing to their pleasure, Is someone tacticly using this moment, to fill their church, since then? Converting pagans even on their own pagan holiday? Is this the christian plan? Though they have a minimum of around 100 years with no history, why cant they work on finding their long lost history, unless it is less important to anyone. I have a better course to follow, I am not a devil worshiper nor a pagan, and I don’t follow any given rules, so, I find it psychologically relaxing to give the devil his due. My despice for pretendance and hypocrate kind of behaviour, sets up my side for vengance.

Christmas December 25th is not the birthday of Jesus, I espect a pope either in around 337 A.D or now and christians out of all people, to be understanding this better, but I learned that, when you grown up, get ready to be disapointed. Well, I was ready for this. December 25th being a pagan holiday and a winter solstice in the north hemisphere, you can call it (Birthday of the Unconquered Sun)—who cares, the days tend to be shorter than the nights.

What is horrifically funny is that, now they (jesus disciples)still pretend that December 25th was purely designed for them.

Human animal uses symbolic element in their daily life, others work while others don’t, to me. The fearful thing is to be lost in the symbolic world and never get back to the real world.

I celebrate this season, a season which I indulge with my friends and family making sure I go through all the seven deadly sins in details, if possible. I exchange gifts, with gifts, even I use the santa claus doll within my unholly walls. So thank you Coca Cola limited for they Emphasised, created, designed and promoted the symbol which clearly means INDULGE, to me..

Writer : Qwufua Broomstick.

The above Image is from Qwufua Environment Library.

published 24th Dec 2018

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

2 thoughts on “Stolen Pagan Holiday? (Feast of Horus), XXV Dec.

  1. We forget Christmas predate Christianity. Christ was not born on Dec 25. We don’t even know the year Christ was born. Great points!

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