How To Know If You’re A VOODOO Witch By Blood.

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Are you a necromancer?

Many people or all at least must have a magician in their bloodlines, the generation that they met in their growing life can hide this kind of information due them being corrupt by their various religions or simply by avoiding this practition since they are termed “bad and evil” by the society they live in. Magic is a natural element, people have it in a variation of levels, threshold and intensity. By being keen and observing the behaviours of another animals in the environment you are in may saturate your witchy nature and be able to create your own environment which will serve your own desires at best and surrounding yourself with what you value at mind and heart.

I am from a direct linage of magician bloodline but it is not considered a must to be from a direct linage of magicians for you to be a practitioner, those from direct magician bloodlines are though thought as more mysterious.

When I practice this craft I am filled with joy and happiness. The calmness, psychological health from my theatrics, creativity is the main aspect that I derive from my practition as a witch. Creativity is my blood and mind, my heart is the witch. As Voodoo remains the irresistible art.

Few people are still interested with this art despite the society considering it evil, it has not been completely forgotten, despite many people diluting it with their various religions, it’s practitioners killed and tortured by various religions, there is still those few, whom still practice the pure diabolical witchcrafcy, those are Voodoo witches by blood. They will curry on the legacy of the past into the future.

Necromancers practice the art of speaking/ communicating with the dead. Death is the ultimate endpoint of life. Anything that crossed the line over the unknown endpoint or the past memories in order to modify any occurrences shall never return, forever lost in the void. The past memories don’t want to be tampered with or changed, if change is tried, there is consequences.

Just like Gestalt technique (the empty chair)—communication with the dead, Tarot cards, Ouija boards, Voodoo Dolls, Dream work are all rituals equipments that will help the individual who is in need either psychologically or physically to be able to cope with the situation. For a person to attain wholeness the psychological and physical must be healthy. Otherwise one is considered Psychologically Disturbed. A witch by blood attains the perfect balance factor to enable his workings to be successful and be able to adapt in this harsh world.

Writer— Qwufua Broomstick year 56 A.S jan 19

Happy Highest Holidays To Ronny A.

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