I. Occultic Visions.

Nightmare warfare
Image credits to: John Henry Fuseli.

There is an old lady, seated in the corner of the round hat,

She is not stop gazing at me, without blinking,

There was a cut, across her forehead,

Symbol of baphomet.

It shouted: I concur those sprinkled me with holy water,

It seemed stronger, to concur the sun,

Drop all stars to carcass.

Disgusting pulse flow from inside left eye,

The mucus strong cohesiveness,

Made it hung, hung like mucus,

From a baby’s nostrils —yellow in color, so yellowish.

I have never been here, a dimension I can’t comprehend.

Moving a step closer, its not shaken,

Will it allow me any closer?

Will it suck me into its kingdom?

Never seen trapezoidal shapes so powerful,

I asked her, what made her so unhappy!

What made her depart from hell,

What made her the demon,

She seemed more unhappy, but am trying to help!

She say she want to drink from my neck,

Mmmh?! Aaaah! Eeegggh! Aagggggghh!!!

What happened! I got bite by a demon!

My blood sprinkling in the air!

What the hell! Its there! Its now on me!

Its on me! Peace be upon me!

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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