The Funeral Of Lilith(II) My Black Cat.

Black Cat's Funeral
Lilith II Funeral ⚱️ with crying Sakpata God of Leprosy.

SUNRISE DEC 11th 2017

SUNSET JAN 11th 2022

Today I woke up into a nightmare that is continuing till now. Lilith(II) is dead🤕😥😢

She has been with me for a while now, since 11th Dec 2017 when she was born to 11th Jan 2022 her death.

I still can’t imagine this day would come, yesterday she sat next to me for hours, as usual, I pet her as I stroked her back like she was telling me something, something that I still can’t understand. Something like she knew she will not be with me from today.

It crashes my heart, I didn’t see this coming. Lilith(II) to me has always been more than just a black cat, she was my family, my sister, my friend and Child. She has a son whom infact I have not seen today, since I discovered the death of her mother.

Can he know anything? Was he there?:Is he alive himself? Did he see his mother’s pain? Did her mother die calmly in the mid hours of the night? I still don’t know.

I am currently filled with emotions, tears flowing down my eyes like a river, like s kid. I keep blowing clear my nose, but it gets staffy instantly. I swear I can’t remember the last day I cried, well I will never forget about this.

I am confused. I feel like I could do more to save her, My German shepherd dog named Tiamat is sitting next to me, smelling the body of Lilith (II), even him seems sad, and seems to know what has just happened to Lilith(II).

Now I fear loosing my dog, I fear waking up and never to find him breathing, my fear of loosing him also is highly aroused.

i would like to write more about this but I can’t right now. I should go find the other Lilith(III) with hopes that he is still alive.

The book I am writing this funeral dead poem is filled with tears. Now the pen is going through the tear wet pages.

I should arrange immediately today at midnight his cremation. I will keep her skull and hind legs as I burn into ashes he other body parts and keep her ashes with me, to remind me of her fast fleeting moments between us.

I loved you but death did us apart.

I will be with you when it’s my turn!



Hail Satan

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