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Herbs and Portions have always been tagged along with Voodoo’s history, from no one knows exactly when. Still today the herbs and portions are relevant to many.

Many self proclaimed business minded “Voodoo witches” or “Voodoo Queen’s” have flooded the market with each and every single one of them coming up with portions that can do this and that. I have nothing negative against them, but I can’t practice abomination on the other hand.

According to the Voodoo path that have been my culture since young, I have come across the diabolical nature of this culture, but using herbs and portions are one of the un-necessarities today.

I can purchase poison called whatever name by any kind of Voodoo Queen, so as I can curse my victims, why can’t I cast a dark cloud of distraction over their lives, by the power of my will? Is that so satanic to practice?

Herbs and Portions are no must ingredient that I employ in my practices. I do not suggest anyone to follow my ways, since it will be sheepish of them. You can purchase all the kinds of Herbs and Portions that you want, as long as you have knowledge of what you want, to help you mystify your workings.

On the other hand, you will find yourself filling their pockets with all your money and vital existence, as your life drowns, the portions will not help you, you will keep coming for more, they will not be blamed for your downfalls, but will gain even more than you expected before you withered dry.

I respect a lot of Herb and Root magic practitioners, due to the art they practice.

Recently I noticed the populations that flocked the Hoodoo Herb and Root magic shops were made up of high number from a religious background of believers, few were non believers and scholars. What outrages most is to find a believing scholar amidst, claiming to be the wisest of all, just because they consider themselves “sons of God”, therefore corrupting this culture equally as their religion is corrupt.

I even heard of Adam and Eve root claiming to be dealing with love issues. This explains how the Hoodoo practitioner that came up with the name of that product had to have a background from Christian religion, therefore this decreases the diabolical nature of Voodoo.

Asafetida, Gooper dust or snake roots will not protect you when darkness strikes, your vulnerability is still high.

I have personally experienced a lot of people claiming to be protected by good luck charms like ZinZin and many other stronger herbs, but still a dark cloud of distraction is casted over their lives.

Think about this, buy snake root for protection of snake bites, buy John conquerer to amplify the power, chew it even, buy frizzly chicken for protection from conjure, buy red bricks for money drawing, then afterwards the dark cloud cast over your life leads you on the paths of the train, to be runned over, and separate your body into pieces. This seems unfair but who cares? Not even the witch you purchased the merchandize from.

For health reasons, I suggest you visit the hospital, look for a professional counselor, or visit a psychiatrist if you need to ask me if I ever contacted Satan directly.

Writer- Qwufua Broomstick.

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