A Very Voodoo Christmas


Jennifer watched as the dark-skinned man with dreadlocks, and a goatee hung ornaments on the Christmas tree. She imagined his slender fingers caressing her breasts. “Why in the world would he have a pink Christmas tree?” she thought to herself.

“Well, come on in,” Danny said inviting her into the motel lobby. “You’re in room 333, correct? Care to help me?”

She blushed and nodded.

“Do you have plans for Christmas?” Danny grinned, flashing his gold teeth.

She stared at the floor. “Well, I’m stuck living out of a motel room for a few more weeks until work picks up again.”

“What do you do?”

“I’m a writer if you want to call that a living.”

“I should take you back to Jamaica with me,” he winked, “I only have seven more months until graduation.”

She hung the last of the ornaments on the tree.

“Tell you what, I’ll pick you up at eight p.m.”


Danny led her into his tiny apartment located above the hotel lobby.

“Sorry, it’s not much.”

Jennifer shrugged.

“Sit down, my queen,” he said as he brought her a full tray of appetizers.

“Hell, yeah! Nachos, and hot wings. My kind of man.”

“Don’t forget drinks,” he handed her a glass full of eggnog mixed with vodka.

They cuddled on the couch and watched old movies.

Danny snuck into Jennifer’s room at 5:00 a.m. He caressed her head and kissed her. “It’s been seven years since I’ve gotten any attention from a woman. I will reward you greatly.”

He dug through her nightstand and grabbed one of the hair clips. He hung it on the tree and then performed a ritual.

Jennifer awoke to rap at the door. She was delighted to find a basket of scented bubble bath, and body wash.

This went on for six more days. She received gourmet candy, body spray, a box of word puzzles, an encyclopedia of the paranormal, scented candles, and even a laptop!

She quietly slid out of the bed so she wouldn’t wake Danny. She wrapped herself in a towel and crept down the dimly lit hallway. She fumbled for a light switch.

She gasped as she opened the door. “This isn’t the bathroom!”

In the corner was a shelf lined with jars full of eyeballs, human hair, toenail clippings, urine, menstrual blood, and various other unmentionable items. On the other side of the shelf was a bookcase full of Haitian voodoo rituals.

Jennifer grabbed a notebook and rifled through the pages. It seemed to be an inventory of ingredients for a specific ritual. She glanced at the list of items and dropped the notebook in terror. One of the ingredients was the boiled skin of his ex-wife!

She forced herself to pick up the notebook and keep reading. Apparently, this was some kind of enchantment ritual. Her heart sunk as she watched a photograph fall from the back of the notebook.

She picked up the picture and studied it. On the front of the photo, a caption read “Brenda.” A shapely brunette with wavy hair, and green eyes grinned back at her.

Jennifer noticed that some notes were scribbled on the back. “She would be the perfect addition to my Christmas tree!”

She ran down the hall to grab her clothes.

“Hey, what’s up?!” Danny rubbed his eyes.

“It’s over, you voodoo freak!”

“Oh, shit,” Danny sighed, “Wait, you don’t want to do this. Let me explain…”

Jennifer ran out of the apartment.

“You’ll be sorry!” he shouted.

She searched the internet looking for work. “I’ve got to find a new place to stay!”

Jennifer awoke to find a couple of her toes were missing. Her scream was interrupted by a knock at the door. She found a bloody package on her doorstep filled with her severed toes.

The next day, the same thing happened. This time she was missing fingers.

The day after, she noticed that her earlobes and the tip of her nose were missing.

Jennifer hollered into the phone, “There’s a maniac next store that’s hacking off parts of my body!”

She explained to the cops that she was missing body parts, and they were being sent to her.

The officers looked at each other.

“Are you supposed to be on some kind of medication?”

Jennifer glanced at herself in the mirror and panicked as she noticed that all her fingers, toes, earlobes, and nose were intact. “But they were missing before!” she shouted.

Danny’s laughter filled the room as Jennifer was strapped to a gurney, and transported to the state psychiatric facility.



Published by Madame Hellshadow and friends

I have several short stories, and poems published. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I keep myself occupied with creative projects. Art is the spice of life!!!

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