MY DARK LYRIC SPIRIT. (Visiting Lyricist Xyper Dowld XD.)

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We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master. – David Morley.

The act of writing is an act of optimism. You would not take the trouble to do it if you felt that it didn’t matter. – Edward Albee.

The art student who has graduated from college with honors can usually land a good commercial or teaching position upon leaving school but not necessarily paint any better than an artist who has never come near an art class but still possesses the highest artistic ability.- Anton Szandor Lavey.

Today let’s explore a few important lyric writing skills, briefly. When writing lyrics, there are alot of aspects on which are to be considered. The musicality, rhythm, rhym, be able to stay on key both when you are rhyming to the track, and your voice tone also should be on key, not forgetting delivery.

This may sound as alot of things to consider while you start to write your first music projects, but by exercising regularly and advancing in your strengths, they will be effortless.

Today we may look on a few important aspects of writing lyrics.


For a project to turn up to be a complete song, it requires musicality. This is the perception a listener forms in their minds due to the rhyming scheme used. If done properly this can arouse the listener to keep listening. Rhyme scheme is an important factor to consider while composing lyrics for genre like ; HipHop. The heavy cadence alone can create pieces of lyrics will ring inside the listener’s head through out the day.


Now this is similarly important compared to the prior quality. Rhyme is the arranging of similar sounding words strategically in the lyrics in order to create rhyme density. The denser the rhyme, the better we react towards it, even in our unconscious mind. This creates the level of high expectations for the listener’s ears.


In order to command control in your writings, rhythm will be required. The lyrics should be able to compliment the track in one way or another. Every word should have a strategic rise or fall that is in “marriage” with the tracks.


Most important instrument a vocalist can ever have is his or her voice. The way the perfomer is able to manipulate his or her voice in order to emphasize about a point or just to express a point emotionally through a vigour voice, or relaxed voice. Many performing artist seem not to take this into account, and therefore proceed with a murmuring performance which will make no one want to stay and listen to those “underbelly roars” either in recording or live performances.


This goes on hand in hand with voice, the calm and collective way you present your voice the dominant your art will provoke. This should come naturally but by practicing and experiencing other lyric performers, perform and also improve on the weaknesses you inhibit as a performer on delivery. Deliverry alone can win you miracles and wonders.


Lyric writing can never be identical to lyric performance. The lyric writer creates the lyrics on which they are to be acted upon by the perfomer. The greatness of lyrics /song can be altered highly during the working process between the two. Lyric performer relies wholly or partly on the lyrics the writer composed, thus bringing the words into life by performing them. To be a good performing artist you must be able to act. The more real your act seems to be the successful you are in performance, but Hey!, do not forget to walk all your talk, otherwise it’s just talk.


When you are able to make the listener to imagine your performances, they will tend to ride along with you in order to experience the imagination and world you have opened to them as they also visualize your imagery.


The more you put your time on the writing and performance enhancing, the less time you will need to invest in them in the future. And this can enhance your ability to create more complex pieces of lyrics, poems and performances that you have been craving for, and having the opportunity to explore other areas of arts like; painting or sculpting.

The name you give your writing can also influence the impact your writing will be perceived.

They will judge your book by its cover, even when they don’t admit on doing so.


Published FEB 20th 2020


Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

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