Divining With Madame Hellshadow Part Five: Urticariaomancy (Divination by Itches)


Did you know that you could predict the future by interpreting the location of your itches? This method of fortune-telling is called Urticariaomancy.

Urticariaomancy was first practiced by the ancient Greeks.

Here is a list of auguries based on the parts of the body:

Head: You will receive a promotion.

Right Ear: Someone has a crush on you.

Left Ear: Someone is spreading rumors about you. Your enemy may be trying to slander you.

Right Eyebrow: You will receive a visit from someone you lost contact with a long time ago. An estranged family member will attempt you contact you.

Left Eyebrow: You will go through a period of depression.

Nostril: You will go through a period of depression.

Tip of Nose: You will receive the first kiss from your new lover. You will be cursed.

Back of Neck: Your loved one is in the hospital.

Right Elbow: Good news.

Left Elbow: Bad news.

Left Palm: You are unable to get out of debt due to the loss of a job, or overspending.

Stomach: You will receive an unexpected guest.

Thighs: Your employer offers you an opportunity to relocate to a new country.

Left Knee: Jealousy.

Left Ankle: You will receive a marriage proposal.

Everywhere: Your enemy is thinking about you.


Published by Madame Hellshadow and friends

I have several short stories, and poems published. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I keep myself occupied with creative projects. Art is the spice of life!!!

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