Voodoo Economics


A dark-skinned woman with glowing red eyes, and a necklace made of human eyeballs, appeared at Wall Street. “I am voodoo priestess, Madame Leveau. There will be some changes around here. First, Wall Street will be changed to Hell Street. This place needs to be decorated with human skulls, chicken bones, and pig’s blood.”

She unplugged all the computers. “Secondly, the buying, and selling of all stocks will be decided by the spirits.”

She snapped her fingers. Everyone in the room gasped as a corpse wearing a top hat, and dark glasses stumbled into the room. “Baron Samedi. Would anyone care for a glass of rum?” As the room remained silent, the undead creature shoved a cigar into its mouth, and began to tell dirty jokes.

“Show some respect to your new boss!” Madame Leveau demanded.

PhotoFunia Mystical Regular 2022-01-05 01 54 59

Published by Madame Hellshadow and friends

I have several short stories, and poems published. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I keep myself occupied with creative projects. Art is the spice of life!!!

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