Divining With Madame Hellshadow Part Eight: Moleosophy

Madame Hellshadow

Did you know that you could tell the future based on the location of your moles?

Moleosophy is a form of divination that uses the appearance, and location of birthmarks, moles, and blemishes to predict the future. This form of divination became popular around the 1800’s.

Here is a list of auguries based on the placement of the blemishes on your body.


  • If you have two or moles close together, your love life might suffer. You will be married multiple times.
  • If your moles are light-colored, you were born under a lucky sign.
  • If you have dark-colored moles, you will face many obstacles in life.
  • If you have hairy moles, you will be stricken with poverty.


  • Head: You are curious, and full of ambition. You may be overly critical of others. You enjoy art, and poetry. You will become a politician.
  • Right side of scalp:  You will become famous.
  •  Center of your forehead: You are full of hatred. You have an anger problem. Your life will be full of challenges.
  •  Left side of your nose: You are accident prone.
  •  Left eyebrow:  You are not a very likeable person. You are selfish, stubborn, and impatient.
  •  Left eye:  You have a problem with overspending. You may have an addictive personality.
  • Corner of eye: You overanalyze things. You have violent tendencies. You will die early in life.
  • Eyelid: You will be killed in an accident.
  • Lower Lip: You are sexually repressed.
  • Upper Lip: You are interest in the occult.
  • Lower Cheek: You are secretive, and promiscuous.
  • Bottom of Chin: You will become a musician.
  • Right side of Jaw: You will receive a large inheritance. You will have many friends in life.
  • Neck: You will die from complications related to a surgery.
  • Left Shoulder: You live for drama. You enjoy starting arguments.
  • Chest: You feel misunderstood.
  • Below your bellybutton: You will be the victim of a theft. You may have an eating disorder.
  • Butt: You are insecure, and you have anger problems.
  • Left Elbow: You are a pervert.
  • Right Wrist: You will become an actor or actress.

* Don’t worry if you have a mole, blemish, or birthmark in any of these locations. This type of divination is largely based on superstition.


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I have several short stories, and poems published. I am from Cleveland, Ohio. I keep myself occupied with creative projects. Art is the spice of life!!!

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