Meaning of Letters in the Occult Part One: “A”

  • Pythagoras was more than a mathematician; he was also a cult leader. His best-known concept was the Pythagorean theorem: “a” squared plus “b” squared equals “c” squared. How does this relate to the letter “a?” It represents the Pythagorean triangle.
  • The pentagram or five-pointed star was created by the inversion of the Hebrew letter Aleph.
  • In ancient Egypt, the letter “A” represented the sunrise. It also signified wisdom. In Egyptian alchemy, the letter “A” was regarded as a symbol of fertility. The shape of the letter “A” symbolized a woman in the birthing position.
  • The letter “A” represents the most powerful sound known to mankind. The occultists considered the magical chant “AUM” to be the most potent of noises. However, the monks considered the most vigorous sound to be the meditative mantra “OHM.”
  • The letter “A” is symbolic of the self, or the creator.
  • The letter “A” represents the veil between the spiritual, and earthly planes.
  • The letter “A” can also be interpreted as the immortality achieved from transcending to a higher level of existence (heaven, nirvana, etc.)
  • The letter “A” is also associated with the color black.


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