Meaning of Letters in the Occult Part Two: “B”

  • In Egyptian Hieroglyphics the letter “B” was associated with shelter. It could be the shelter of a house protecting us from the elements or the safety of a fetus within the womb.
  • In Egyptian mythology, the letter “B” represented the soul, spirit, or part of you that exists after death.
  • In ancient Hebrew the letter “B” represented the mouth, or entrance of a holy place.
  • In the Kabbalah, the letter “B” is symbolic of male virility. It is indicative of the entrance of sperm into the womb.
  • In the ancient Celtic alphabet, the letter “B” stands for new beginnings.
  • In the Greek alphabet the letter “B” is associated with the devil.
  • In alchemy, the letter “B” is what binds the four elements together.
  • The letter “B” can also be interpreted as the transmission of knowledge from one generation to another.


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