1.My Familiar.

Misanthropia Vol 1

I disable my arms to arm you,
with my clothes, I cloth you,
you look into fire, it fires you,
the stare of hell vests you.
You my familiar, I am you.

The experience essence- double presence,
I, like a snake-serpent, sense my
Scope of consciousness dense
pretense, weakness, i repel, no repentance,
like the night with no Moon.
like the witches with no Broom,
like liking Satan’s dark Room,
like similes, am Cimeries,
I bring blink into your eye,
come back from abyss to life.
Obviously obey Obee-is I,
conjure lure, friends, enemies alike.

The tide this time will time,
the ties and knots on their sails?
The try’s to get to the shore!

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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