The black cat i named before birth,
Not sure of its gender,
Thought it would be a female,
Like Lilith the first woman,
Nature didn’t disappoint,
The black cat was born on may 1st 2015.
Gender is male,
But i held on the name,
Lilith the first (Lilith I).
The only son of Annabelle,
We celebrated him as a new member of the family,
Grew to be the biggest, small cat that i ever had.
When performing rituals,
I usually lock him out of the chamber,
For his freedom, my freedom.
I didn’t succeed though,
In the ritual chamber he entered, he spooked,
Finding him sitting at the left of the ritual chamber,
Where my black candle resides,
His mysteriousness, never ending.
He left for a day and didn’t return!
Until i noticed a certain neighbor,
A christian one!
Has been locking my cat, in an empty room starving,
Estimated time of death June 6th 2017,
I notice that too late to rescue him,
Things then started happening,
The neighbor was unable to pay the rent and was kicked out of the building.
When she and her husband was down,
I still kicked them.
Reverting to the ritual chamber,
To destroy them,
The only revenge for my first Black possessed Cat,
Named Lilith (I).

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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