III. Vampchick’s Nightmares.

Nightmare warfare
Image Credit: John Henry Fuseli.

Before you brake down, listen!

You will first be a victim,

Forced to do the unthinkable,

Your word will fall into contradictions,

When your will be done,

You will be free from unfree dom,

You delivered yourself, from your nightmares,

Which lasted longer, sooo long,

Longer than two years,

The blood is nothing,

Your reaction proved your strength,

Strength for the will to live,

Free for first time in your life,

Your life will not crumble to dust anymore,

Your artistic nature so powerful,

The world will understand that you are not a monster,

If they experienced your nightmares,

The warfares, the hopelessness, total nightmare,

Its over vampchick,

Wake up from this nightmare,

The scales have fallen off,

Off from the eyes of the world.

I was ready!

To see you paint the streets red for yourself.

Image credit to blogger VampChick

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