ABOUT KILLING WITCH CHILDREN. (Walpurgisnacht Special)

Qwufua Broomstick
Qwufua Environment Library.

White witches consider children to be possessed by evil. They will do anything even if is killing the child and exercising exorcism. Is this how sorcery is perceived? They claim to use sorcery to protect their families yet they the ones killing their children, not even the evil forces, like many claim to be possessed with. This shows their high level of hypocrisy and ignorance which will soon be painful to their selves and those surrounding them.

A child has great magical potential since they are not corrupted by the mainstream and the general society. In spite wrongly tuning their own children we can see mothers giving out their own children to be expelled out due to a certain person claiming that the child is possessing ‘evil powers’, the child may be killed and this shows the interconnection of white witches with Christianity whom terrorise and sacrifice children to their ‘gods’.

Just because a child is born feet first face down, or first teeth grows from the top, or the mother dies in child birth, does it make the child ‘evil’?

By observation I can learn that film noir, psychological impairment or other state of drug induced state of thinking which leads to poor decision making may be influencing the person making the decision that the child is ‘evil’. What should evil be? Isn’t evil killing of the children who are not yet even able to make their judgment, robbing them off their lives, without having them to experience it? What evil has the child done to be killed? What justifies the killing of the children dimmed as evil?

Voodoo has forever been different by whomever is practising it, therefore anyone can decide not to follow any rule and practice it in their own ways and still be happy, death is also a part of life, whereby, when it approaches, we have to embrace it. There can be no happiness without death, and no happiness without life, the balance is required.

Explain Good, explain the word evil to me, is good killing children and terrorising them because they are labelled evil?

Is evil staying by natures law of lex talionis?

Then voodoo is not good, voodoo is evil, it is not connected with the hypocritical nature of Christianity.

As curses happens the darkness doors will open, all who bring the black light to whiteness and all their followers will live in misery. For what is made for the darkness, should stay in the darkness forever.

In Voodoo prayers are the least important tool anyone can use, when in the world of witch crafty, commanding is the best appropriate tool any celebrant can use.

Remember a powerful ritual does not require a large gathering of people who does not contribute in it, as Anton Szandor Lavey, elaborates in his book The Satanic Bible,

The traditions of a certain people should be recognized for what it is, not rooting it into Voodoo then naming it ‘Voodoo ways’. Voodoo is not ways its an atmosphere, you alone can shape or distort it, by how you incorporate it into your life.

Children are the most interesting and powerful beings, before they are flooded with corruption from the society and the religions forced unto them, what if we leave them out of societies herd conformity, indoctrination, child abuse and other tides of this kind, maybe there will be much improvement, since I consider, we are at the pinnacle of rearing unintelligent, weak, irresponsible, uncreative beings if nothing is done.

The ship on board is TITANIC.

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Qwufua Environment Library.

Writer: Qwufua Broomstick.

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Published 1st May 2020

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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