How I Perform My Voodoo Workings.

Founder Of Qwufua Environment

In my place. This is where all the hell doors are widely open. When you are inside,you will tend to notice a lot. The experiences changes from time to time. I have two colors on the walls. Black color covers three of the four walls. The remaining wall obviously cannot be black,so I painted it red.

Enough of the walls,its about my moment inside here,I realy find signs so enticing to me. So I use them in high amount inside and outside of the walls,where necessary. I do not use blood anywhere,I admire the color red. It helps quench my thirst for darkness brought by the mood inside the walls.

Symbols like Baron samedi cross,different veves,not forgetting the Baphomet symbol which is owned by The Church Of Satan. I find myself in harmony with this kind of symbols. Someone may ask, ” …why did you not give us a layout of your ritual chamber?” I can say to that person clearly that,I also do not have a particular layout design. I dont enjoy formatts and herd mentality. So I hope you do too. So get up and set your staff your own way. I do exactly that. In lighting,candles does a great job for me,for now. Many people either dont know or are ignorant to know Voodoo is a creole religion,it can be practised and benefiting to anyone from any background,as long as it is done correctly. What is worse is that,if you allow people to brain wash you due to their folklore beliefs or religion ways, maybe you will be the one to lose. I am not a theistic individual as you can see.

In my Voodoo workings I involve my creations not only symbols,from different cultures. I created a figure of the night known as Qwufua Vodoo Broomstick. Music is always vital in all the workings. NB. Not any kind of music.

The chamber is not just a therapy to me and where I release my emotions to the ether,but also a place where I create from my imagination,and putting them into reality,around there,I can create,destroy,conserve,posses and curse. I do not need to follow any rules,be it initiation or self deceit. Unlike many practitioners I have come across with.

What I am sure is,after I get out of those sessions,things tend to be different. I have chills of what I have awakened in me,each time I step inside there. That doesnt mean that I regret. Anyway,It is too late to go back. So,as my dreams comes into fruitition,I continue to study.

I have read books about the philosophy of the church of satan , I agree with all of their philosophy but that does not mean I speak for them in anyway.

To Read more about The Church Of Satan visit the source at THE CHURCH OF SATAN

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The above Image is from Qwufua Environment Library

Writer : Qwufua Broomstick.

Published 24th Oct 2018

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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