My Interest On Dolls Groomed And Owned By 4 Year olds.

Qwufua Broomstick

YES! I love toys when I was young and still do, the only difference now is, I play with them in the ritual chamber consciously with a goal to decompress, inside my intellectual decompression chamber located at the heart of my environment, therefore the toys acting as my extensions.

One of few dolls, i own since late 1990s.

I loved toy cars, toy houses, different kind of Robots blew my mind, telly tabbies dolls, Asian dolls, African dolls and many other when young.

I didn’t like playing with other people’s toys, unless they allowed me to play with them or brought them to add up to my already build world surrounding me, let me call it my total environment.

My mum bought me a lot of toys to play with, intentionally I destroyed a lot anyways. When doing this I didn’t consider myself destructfull since I used the broken down toys to bring others to life and shape from the carnage of what I hated, despised, or placed my hands on to release my pent up aggression and emotions on. Magically I ended up loving what I finally ended up creating. Nevertheless this didn’t sit well with my mother since she was the one to whom my toys expenditure belonged to.

Qwufua Broomstick a Compassion Voodoo doll hand made and charged by myself.

I can’t remember vividly what I did with all of the toys I owned when I was four year old, but one thing remains sure, I enjoyed the experience to the maximum, the magic evoked felt like I was in another dimension, space and time.

I didn’t go around destroying all of my toys or other people’s toys, only those toys I didn’t like, value or deserved my wrath.

At my young age, my toys remained part of my world. Religion, politics and other unnerving ideas were never my interest, I remained purely natural and artificial in my creative endeavours, spending even more time with my toys, thus investing more energy in them. In my mind, the toys were just not toys, they came into life, other kids knew this, therefore respecting my toys and I did the same to theirs. If anyone destroyed my toy, I would make sure they would end up with no toys at all, by using many ways, this ways being “lex talionic” in nature, and all went just fine.

What I realise is before young children get to be admitted to the institutionalized learning and other unhealthy mental or physical activities, they possess a free enquiring mind and powerful magical nature still intact. With this ability young children are still powerful witches, thus all their precious toys will be able to gain energy and charges from it’s original user— who is the young child, this is diabolical energy stored as an antique.

Hand made Destruction Voodoo doll named Sakpata, created/conjured by me. [A God of leprosy, Sickness,Pain, curses, hexes, death and destruction.]

Realizing this, my interest on accepting dolls owned and groomed and kept by young children came to light. Despite the reality that young children will most likely grow up to corruption, irresponsibility and herd conformity of the society each second that approaches, at least collecting this artificial companions when still at it’s pure diabolical nature may either help them— maybe it’s or soon will be a burden to them, or it may help you— maybe it fits an aesthetic purpose in your total environment, who knows?

When a complete witch or a practitioner is able to access and preserve this elements, why not use them? The practitioner can continue to charge the doll even more by using it as its original owner did— the young child, or like ying yang, from white to black, positive to negative and vice versa. Use it as you wish, caution wise.

As Peter H. Gilmore has explained in essay ‘Rite Of Ragnarok’ in his book The Satanic Scriptures, one can also advance and modify the toys to his own desires using your creativity as I have done with my hand made voodoo dolls above.

Remember before you go out snatching young kids toys, bullying them, stealing from them or something of that sort, so that you can boost your ego, remember, you are a number one green eyed hemstar. As Satanism does not condone free loading and psychic vampiric behaviour.

DONT HARM YOUNG CHILDREN, the founder of The Church Of Satan Anton Szandor Lavey stated on his Satanic Bible.


Be creative don’t coat tail on toys of young children for they are putting precious time on their artificial companions, put more time in yours as well, then you can appreciate when a young child gives you their precious toy, thus you will be able to give back even more to them for their charity.


I do not answer any questions or explanations about Satanism here. This are purely my ideas and creations.

Yours faithful Qwufua Broomstick

Published 4th July 2021

Published by Dr. Qwufua Broomstick.

Writer,Researcher,Artist, love diversity, Conjurer.

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