About This.


About this. The most important thing in this universe, to me have always been experiencing this world. My environment. My surroundings. My pets. Dark symbolism. Dolls from darkness. My Artistic Friends. Sweet Foods. Visiting Nature places. The philosophy that I realized. Music. Art. Women. etc.

Since I personally, am a writer/Artist. This environment most likely will ooze with writings and my learning, be it on art on Voodoo doll kind of art— as you have seen before or other kind of art that tickles my little dark heart. However, that will not stop some other brave artistic individuals who practice the art to the theme of this site, and to the other side they are my friends, some near others far more than you can expect. The most important thing is the art that oozes out of their work, it is tremendously awesome to me. If they give me a chance to experience their art and post some of it to you, that is what I am going to do immediately I finish enjoying their awesome projects. Hope you will notice the artistic intelligence they have, almost immediately.

Those who will be selling their projects will share their personal links so that you can link up and get the kind of art you are impressed with. I am not doing this for money or something but for the love of art that I admire and would like to see you enjoy it as well.

For me I do not sell whichever kind of Voodoo art I create. Few of the Voodoo dolls I have created, have gotten the opportunity to be in local galleries once in a while, but who cares.

But, do not worry, dear tourist, tourism is important. By touring this site, after a while, probably you will find something impressing or depressing or maybe either way, it all depends with your view to the outside world, and what you are attached to in your life.

I tend to imitate nature and at the same time appreciate it, I am not alone, many walk to this ways either knowingly or unknowingly 

Here it is not occultism, for those with occult desires, it is Ok, I can not change the whole world, but that is not the theme here please.

I do not use animal blood in any situation that I am in, at the same time, I am an I-theist.

Contact us if you have any contributions, haunted dolls from any culture, that you feel you do not need their spirit, inside your house any more, maybe it can be beneficial to you, and me, any suggestions or contributions in regard to this site will be highly appreciated.


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