Recommended Ritualistic Voodoo Drumming.


Haiti Vodou: Ritual Music From The First Black Republic [CD 1] Haiti Vodou: 1937-1962 Folk Trance Possession (Ritual Music from the First Black Republic) Fremeaux Heritage, FA5626, 3XCD, France. Release Date: 2 Feb. 2016. Release: A fascinating account of the mystic Afro-Haitian rituals inherited from the days of slavery. With these songs, drums and trances of possessed initiates, vodou deities were called upon in authentic ceremonies considered by French colonists as the work of the Devil. This complex religion inspired fi ctional zombies and magic, united slaves and spurred the fi ght for Haiti’s independence as the fi rst black republic in history. Thousands of Haitian slaves deported to Louisiana and Cuba spread this voodoo legacy throughout North America, where it became one of the deep roots of jazz (and then rock and funk) and Afro-Cuban musics. In this companion- set to “Jamaica Folk-Trance-Possession”, Bruno Blum invokes Papa Legba, the spirit of communication, and deciphers some rare sound-documents, the best of the recordings devoted to voodoo: the supreme key to Afro-American music forms. — Patrick FRÉMEAUX Tracklist: CD 1 01 – The Saul Polinice Louis Et Cicéron Marseille Group – Danbala Wedo Tokan Koulev 00:00 02 – Francilia – Ayizan Belekounde 01:24 03 – Hibbert Lena – La Famille Li Fai CA (Ibo Dance Song) 02:39 04 – Borderau Libera – Cote Yo Cote Yo (Mais Dance Song) 04:28 05 – Lafrance Belvue – Ogoun BalinDJo (Invocation) 05:35 06 – Lafrance Belvue – Ezilie Wedo (Invocation) 07:04 07 – Vodou Priest – Spirit Conversation 8:22 08 – Lafrance Belvue – Moundongue Oh Ye Ye Ye (Moundongue Dance Song) 10:21 09 – François Aleanne – Ou Pas We’m Innocent (Secular Song) 12:11 10 – Lafrance Belvue – General Brise (Kita Dance Song) 13:11 11 – Inconnu – Vodoun Dance (Three Drums) 14:58 12 – Inconnu – Petro Dance (Two Drums) 17:48 13 – Inconnu – Quitta Dance (Two Drums) 19:02 14 – Inconnu – Baboule Dance (Three Drums) 20:26 15 – Inconnu – Congo Payette Dance (Three Drums) 21:39 16 – Inconnu – Congo Larose Dance (Three Drums) 22:54 17 – Inconnu – Ganbos (Bamboo Stamping Tubes Ogan) 24:23 18 – Inconnu – Vaccines (Bamboo Trumpets Sticks) 26:32 19 – Inconnu – Bumba Dance (Two Drums) 27:13 20 – Inconnu – Ibo Dance (Three Drums Ogan) 29:54 21 – Inconnu – Ce Moin Ayida (Zepaule Dance) 33:22 22 – Inconnu – Ayida Deesse Arc En Ciel (Mais Dance) 35:28 23 – Inconnu – Ayida Pas Nan Betise (Petro Dance) 37:36 24 – Inconnu – Mambo Ayida (Congo Dance) 40:03 25 – Inconnu – Legba Aguator (Nago Dance) 41:55 Total:45:09

VA – Drums of Death (African Voodoo Funeral) [Full Album]

1. Parago 00:00:00
2. Akom 00:05:33
3. Adova 1 00:11:06
4. Adova 2 00:15:30
5. Atokwe 1 00:17:38
6. Atokwe 2 00:23:25
7. Atokwe 3 00:26:20

These field recordings, captured by Mark Seidenfeld in November of 1996 during a Vaudou (Voodoo) funeral in the African village of Sogakope, Ghana, does a great service to the western world by bringing the intensity, anger, joy and pure passion of the ceremony to western culture. The emotions conjured by these recordings is difficult to express, suffice it to say that the somber tone of a European funeral or even the joyous wail of a New Orleans jazz funeral are indeed worlds away. Seidenfeld was only permitted to record these wonderful performances on the condition that he participate in the ceremony, and the results are perhaps the best of the tribal field recordings that I’ve encountered. A row of seven drummers are complimented by the village women who join in on wooden clappers, poignantly augmented by the angry wails of their native death songs. The large main drum is the source of improvisation and is played by tow men; one on the skin and the other beating sticks on the drum’s wooden body. A treasure for those interested in the ways and origins of Voodoo, or for anyone with the desire to explore the brilliant music of other cultures.

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